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What To Expect

As soon as you step foot in Lehigh Valley Barber School You’ll get that Barber Shop feel. Instructors, Waad Dayoub is making sure you are passing your theory, as Vito Villani is teaching practical. Our barber school staff and students are always on the go – learning, creating, inspiring, and being inspired. We learned and cut hair with the best barbers in the Lehigh Valley and are ready to spread the knowledge to you. We use the equipment, professional products, and an urban vibe, our school is designed to make you the best.

Our goal at Lehigh Valley Barber School is to make the steps as easy as possible. You already know you love the industry. Whether it’s long hair, undercuts, shape ups, sponge curls, tapers and all fades your passion starts here. our jobs are to help you grow with a mix of instruction and fun. Throughout the year, we offer a variety of activities to keep you motivated. From our annual trips to the salvation army to o participation in free haircuts at the local churches.

Graduation Requirements

Students who successfully complete the Barbering and Crossover program will receive a certificate. Graduation requirements are as follows:

  • Complete 1,250 hours of the barbing program or 695 hours of the crossover program
  • Fulfill all financial obligations to the school
  • Cumulative grade of 70% or better

Licensure Requirements

To receive a Pennsylvania Barbering License, the following must be obtained:

  • Pass the theory and practical exam with a 75% or better
  • Pay appropriate fees to State Boards
  • Proof of age and education
  • Affidavit from institution with completed hours

Length of Time for Completion

Pennsylvania State Board of Barbering mandates students to acquire 1250 hours in theory and practical experience for the Barbering program and 695 hours for the Crossover program.  Lehigh Valley Barber School’s program is 9 months for full-time students and 16 months for part-time students. The Crossover program is 5 months for full-time students and 9 months for part-time students.

Academic Records

Each student has the right to view any items in their files and may do so by request.  The student may request to view their files by scheduling an appointment with the school director.  At no time may a student remove any items/articles from their file.  All records will be maintained for a period of 5 years from the date of graduation or termination from the school.  The school may only give student files to other parties with written consent from the student.  However, the school provides access to student and school records to its accrediting agency, the National Accrediting Commission Of Career Arts & Sciences.

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