Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP)

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Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy

All students enrolled at Lehigh Valley Barber School must maintain satisfactory academic progress and attendance progress in the course of study to remain in the program. Each student will be evaluated at scheduled hours and can view their evaluation results by requesting a copy from the Director. The following policy applies to all students attending the school (full and part-time) and will be provided to students prior to enrollment.

Academic Progress Policy
At the end of each evaluation period, students must have a minimum passing grade of 70% or better in order to have satisfactory academic progress. Grades will be given in theory and practical work. The grading system is as follows:

A = 90-100%
B = 80-89%
C = 70-79%
D = 60-69%
F = 59% and below

*In the event of illness, injury, death in the family, or other mitigating circumstances that interrupts the student’s education, the student will have to officially withdrawal and a fair refund settlement will be made. The student will re-enter the school in the same progress status as when they left.

Maximum Time Frame
The maximum time frame a student must complete the program is 125% the normal course length. Students who do not achieve satisfactory progress at their scheduled graduation date have additional time in weeks (125%) to complete graduation requirements. Normal completion length in hours is 1250 and 695 for crossover students. Students who do not complete the program in the maximum time frame will be terminated from the school without a certificate.

Normal Completion Time Maximum Time Frame
Full Time - 34.72 hours/wk: 36 weeks Full Time - 45 weeks
Part Time - 19.53 hours/wk: 64 weeks Part Time - 80 weeks
Crossover Students Maximum time Frame Maximum Time Frame
Full Time - 34.75 hours/wk: 20 weeks Full Time - 25 weeks
Part Time - 19.85 hours/wk: 35 weeks Part Time - 44 weeks

Determination of Progress Status
Students who meet the minimum requirements for attendance and academic performance are considered to be making satisfactory academic progress until their next scheduled evaluation. Students will meet with the Director at each evaluation period to discuss their status.

Warning Status
When a student fails to meet academic and/or attendance progress at the end of the evaluation period, they will be placed on Financial Aid Warning status but still be considered making satisfactory academic progress and eligible for Title IV funds. A student placed on Financial Aid Warning status will meet with the director to implement a plan to achieve satisfactory progress. If the student does not meet satisfactory academic and/or attendance progress by the next scheduled evaluation period, he/she will be terminated from the program.

Re-establishment of Satisfactory Academic Progress
Students may re-establish satisfactory academic progress by meeting minimum attendance and academic requirements by the end of the warning period.

Transfer Hours-SAP
Transfer hours from another institution will be accepted towards the student’s education and are counted as both attempted and completed hours for determining when the allowable maximum time-frame will be exhausted. SAP evaluations are based on actual contracted hours.

Noncredit and Remedial Courses
Noncredit and remedial courses do not apply to this school. Therefore, these items have no effect upon the school’s satisfactory academic progress policy.

Grounds for Termination
A student may be terminated from their training for one or more of the following:

  • Failing to maintain 80% attendance
  • Failing to maintain 70% cumulative grade point average
  • Missing 14 consecutive calendar days
  • Failing to meet financial obligations to the school
  • Not complying with the rules and regulations of the school
  • Students who do not complete program in the maximum time frame

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