Admission Requirements

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Admission Policy

Students who are interested in becoming Licensed Barbers in the State of Pennsylvania are required to be at least 16 years old and must have a high school diploma or its equivalent and a transcript showing high school completion. Also accepted is a General Equivalency Diploma (GED). Foreign students must have evidence of verification of their high school diploma. Verification must be performed by an outside agency that is qualified to translate documents into English and confirm the academic equivalence to a high school diploma. Home Schooling students are not accepted at Lehigh Valley Barber School. Drivers license, state ID, and/or passport must be used to show proof of age. The Barbering and Crossover program are taught using the English language. Cosmetology students enrolling in the Crossover program must have a valid cosmetology license. If a student is currently enrolled in another institution, they may not enroll in Lehigh Valley Barber School.

Lehigh Valley Barber School does not accept ability-to-benefit students.

Transfer of Hours

Lehigh Valley Barber School welcomes students from other barber schools.  A notarized affidavit with the completed hours is required before starting classes. Students with a Cosmetology license (crossover students) wishing to obtain a Barbering License have a 555 hours credit and are only required to complete 695 hours of Barbering training.

The Admission Procedure

To become a student at Lehigh Valley Barber School, an applicant must have a meeting with the Director to evaluate and discuss career information.  After explaining the satisfactory academic policy, student goals, and requirements, a tour of the establishment will be given to the applicant.  Following the meeting, the applicant will provide the school with the required credentials and a completed application.  Before the applicant’s start date, they will sign an enrollment agreement and submit a down payment of $500.00 for the course (this payment will count towards tuition). There is a $25 non-refundable application fee and $100 enrollment fee.

Withdrawal and Re-entry Policy

Students who withdrawal or students who have been dismissed, must reapply if they wish to return to the program. A student wishing to withdrawal must notify the Director in writing to ensure proper tuition be paid to the student. If the Director agrees on the re-entry, then the student may return to the school providing all fees and charges per the school’s refund policy have been paid for the current enrollment.  If the student re-enters the school, the student will re-enter the school in the same progress status as when they left.  The student will have until the next evaluation point to achieve satisfactory academic progress.  It is the student’s responsibility to retain copies of all previous hours and operations, as the school is only required to keep copies for five years. The school reserves the right to deny re-entry to students who have been withdrawn from the school or withdrew a maximum of three times.

For example:

  • If a student withdrawals and re-enters before the refunded amount has been paid (according to the refund schedule), they will be considered in the same payment period and same progress status, but will have to pay the enrollment fee.
  • If a student withdrawals and re-enters after refunded amount have been paid, they will start a new payment period and pay the enrollment fee. They will return in the same program status as they had when they withdrew.

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